Get Informed.

What you should know about home inspections.

As a Home Buyer, Why Request an Inspection?

Your new-found discovery appears to be the perfect house-- and at a price that you can afford! You love the kitchen and bath, you're proud of the landscaping and the school system is right.... Before you make what may be the biggest purchase of your life, spend a bit to hire an objective professional to examine the building thoroughly and to report any expensive surprises. If your dream house needs major repairs, you certainly want to know about this before you close the deal.

Enjoy Peace of Mind at a Low Price

  • We extend $5,000 of liability on each inspection.
  • We carry a $1 Million dollar errors and omissions policy.
  • Competitive rates: $210 to $395 for almost all homes.
  • Each 2-3 hour visit covers structural, electrical, heating & cooling, plumbing, basement, exterior and interior.
  • At the conclusion of the inspection you receive on-the-spot documentation of discovered priority problems, approximate repair costs for major problems, and a comparison rating of your home vs. peer homes in each of the seven categories.
  • A detailed typed report of all discovered concerns will follow.

Here's How It Works

  • Ensure that a clause exists in your purchase agreement that makes your offer contingent upon a professonal inspection. Consult with your real estate agent and/or attorney for clause details.
  • Make sure that all utilities will be on and that access to all areas of the property are made available.
  • Clients find that accompanying us is a valuable learning experience. We encourage it. After the inspection we remain available to answer your questions and provide explanations.